A word of introduction: this article narrates the story of the silent plague that has been creeping across the United States for almost four decades, consuming and corrupting everything it touches like an unstoppable river of acid and filth, taking away lives, livelihoods and hope. It is the story of the American meth epidemic, and its blight upon rural and small-town America.

(It is, in fact, a chapter taken out of a book which I’m writing. The book tells the story of a crime spree that plagued a small American town, which — like so many others — had fallen…

The Scales of Themis (Pixabay.)

Psychopaths, particularly high-functioning psychopaths, are well skilled at adapting their presentation — or, in other words, their mask — depending on the rewards and punishments available in a given context. If incarcerated, a psychopath will exploit the venues for his own gains, and will often seek replacement stimuli in place of those no longer available. He may, for instance, have to replace physical domination with psychological influence, manipulation, and controlling others like puppets. …

President Herbert Hoover. (1928, US Library of Congress.)

Adolf Hitler’s plan for Poland’s capital Warsaw had always involved demolishing the city and rebuilding it as “a provincial German town”, but the 1944 Warsaw Uprising provoked the dictator into proceeding with the plan far earlier and far further than even he had at first envisioned.

The earlier 1943 Jewish uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto had already provoked Hitler to send SS-Gruppenführer Jürgen Stroop’s troops to annihilate 50 thousand people within its walls, deport 36 thousand survivors to die in concentration camps, and destroy any remaining structures, which constituted about 15% of the entire city. After the massacre and destruction…

by Jaromir Król

I. The Show

There is no other show like “Carnivàle”. The 2003 HBO TV show told the complex story of a timeless battle between the forces of Light and Darkness, grounded in ancient legends and Gnostic mythology, and set in the backdrop of America’s Dust Bowl and the era of the Great Depression. It traced the meandering paths of two characters, the young, tortured healer Ben Hawkins, and the charismatic preacher Justin Crowe, along with the constantly evolving lives of a colorful, enigmatic and eccentric cast of a traveling carnival show.

A partial overview of the deck from the introduction of “Carnivàle” — copyright 2003 by HBO.

No other show has featured the Tarot so prominently…

Jaromir Krol

Author, investigative journalist, game designer. I also poke around captivating mysteries, curious crimes and intriguing events on http://www.crimeintime.com

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